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Post by Branson on Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:57 pm

Name: Emma
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Hair: Wavy, light brown.
Eyes: Bright blue
Over all description: Normally wears a pink hairband with a flower on it, but when she's playing, she likes to take it off. She's tall for her age and she likes to wear bright clothes. She has light freckles on her nose.
Occupation: None
Mortal parents(or half-blood parents): Alexander and Jennifer
Family: A mom, a dad and a stepbrother
Education: She goes to a school that's not too far from where she lives. She's almost done with Summer break.
Personality: She likes to look pretty, and do girly things. She gets very impatient and she's very easily angered.
Talents: Cooking, taking care of animals, and drawing.
Residence: Her mom's apartment, most of the time.
Flaws: She's very impatient, she gets over excited, and she gets sick more then most children.
Pets: She has a pet aligater named Joey von Gaterson
powers(Only if your charrie is the kid of two half-bloods): She can heal very slight illnesses and make two people fall in love with each other. Her powers are undiscovered.
Life story*: She was born 9 years ago by mistake. She grew up in Seattle for a couple years, until she moved in with her mom. When her mom met her dad again, they tried living together, but it didn't work. Her father moved out. She loves her mother and her father, but she does not love them together.
RP example*: I stood at the playground all alone. I didn't know why they laughed at me. Maybe it was just because I didn't have a boyfriend. Everyone else had a boyfriend or girlfriend. I didn't want a boyfriend. Mommy said I was too young anyway. It was like they were mocking me. The kids always fall in love right in front of me. It was like...like somehow I triggered their romantic emotion. I didn't know or even care what it was. All I knew was I was going home. Thank God.

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Post by pach_peachz on Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:02 pm

forgot to add half sister, Devon. lol Apporved

Aria/21/daughter of Demios/Eean and Danny's sister/Devon's mom
Devon/2/Aria's daughter
Danny/24/son of Hermes/Eean and Aria's Brother/has one kid
Gale/7/Danny's son
Rachel/23/daughter of Apollo/has two kids(Sammi, Gracie)
Averymae/23/daughter of Hestia
Leena/19/daughter of Hermes
Maya/22/daughter of Thanatos/blind/has a dog named Jello
Eean/26/son of Hermes/Danny and Aria's brother

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