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Post by Branson on Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:46 pm

Name: Belle Shimmer
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Hair: Long, black and messy
Eyes: A light yellow-ish sort of color
Over all description: She's tall for her age, she wears thick eyeliner (Yes, even though she's 6) She has black nail polish, she's extremely pale, she wears black boots, black skinny jeans, and a black shirt that normally has a nerdy reference on it.
Occupation: None
Mortal parents(or half-blood parents): Nikki Shimmer (Mother unknown to Bella)
Family: She doesn't know who her family is. She lives in a foster home.
Education: She goes to a school that is three blocks away from her foster home.
Personality: Outcast-ee, (Lol however you say that xD) dark, angry, annoyed.
Talents: Tricking others
Residence: Foster home
Flaws: She doesn't know how to connect with other people, so she doesn't, she hates basically everyone.
Pets: None. Put there is a rat in the foster home that follows her around. She calls it Brody.
powers(Only if your charrie is the kid of two half-bloods): None
Life story*: She was born because of Nikki. She remembers him clearly, but has no memory whatsoever of her mother. When she turned one, Nikki brought her to a foster home. She never found out why. It was obvious he could take care of her. It would've been so easy to keep her. But he didn't. She never let it go.
RP example*: I hugged myself. The idiotic animals known as "children" called after me. I kept walking. I forgot the world as my tap shoe gently touched the train track. I heard the sweetest clink. I prayed for a train to come. One. Two. I was there. It was perfect. I was in the middle of the track, begging the god that cursed me to bless me just once.
"Please god." I whispered, "Make a train come. If you will do nothing else, at least to this. This one thing. I won't bother you anymore. I guaranty it." I heard it. The sweetest sound I ever head. It was a train. So far off I couldn't even see it. But I felt it's presence. I know it was coming. I looked up at the sky.
"Thank you."
Then it was in my vision. I could barley see it, but it was there. Then I was on the grass. The train zoomed past us. The wind exploded against my face. I pushed Mrs. Barns off me. She had no right to touch me.
"FREE WILL ME AS*" I screamed, standing up.
"Belle! What are you doing out here!?"
"I'm tired of waiting for him! You lied! He's never coming back!" Mrs. Barns sighed.
"Belle. Have you ever thought that maybe your dad just couldn't take care of you?" I scratched myself. Blood dripped down my arm, getting caught in the tiny hairs.
"He damn well couldn't taken care of me! It would've been a sinch! But no! He left me here!"
"Belle," Mrs. Barns began, "You know how I feel about those words."
"Don't change the subject! I'm tired of people changing the subject! You shouldn't mess up fate just 'cause you don't wanna talk about me father!" I pushed her and ran off. I wasn't crying. I was too angry to cry. I went into my room and ran my knife across my leg, begging myself to die.

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Post by pach_peachz on Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:47 pm

....the mother should be one of my charries...... approved.

Aria/21/daughter of Demios/Eean and Danny's sister/Devon's mom
Devon/2/Aria's daughter
Danny/24/son of Hermes/Eean and Aria's Brother/has one kid
Gale/7/Danny's son
Rachel/23/daughter of Apollo/has two kids(Sammi, Gracie)
Averymae/23/daughter of Hestia
Leena/19/daughter of Hermes
Maya/22/daughter of Thanatos/blind/has a dog named Jello
Eean/26/son of Hermes/Danny and Aria's brother

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