First two charries

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First two charries

Post by pach_peachz on Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:06 pm

Name: Aria
Gender: f
Age: 21
Eyes: blue
Over all description: She's tiny for her age, she keeps her hair back in a ponytail. Hair falls in her eyes. She usually wears mostly black.
Occupation: she's a waitress at a applebees
God parent: Demios
Mortal parent: unimmportant
Family: a two year old daughter named Devin
Education: online college
Personality: She's quiet, but has opened up alittle bit since being a single mom
Talents: being nice(thats a new one!)
Residence: an apartment
Flaws: she's over protective of her daughter, and is a little shy.
Pets: none
Powers: she can make people see their fears for ten seconds. it is avoidable though. She can do it as many times as she wants, but does get rreally tired easily.
Life before Camp halfblood*: She was a orphen. Her mom dropped her off at an orhpenage and disappeared. When she was 13 she figured out she was deffenitally different, when she gave her english teacher a heart attack, litteraily a heart attack, that killed him, after she made him see his fears. After that, the other students thought there was something wrong with her, like she was a witch or something, and shunned her. she ran away a month later. She found her way to camp. she found out she had a brother. Found Love. Thats her story.
RP example*: I giggled, watching Devon twrill around the living room. she fell and bumpped her head on the side table. She started screaming and crying. I picked her up in my arms, and rubbed her head.
"Hey your ok?" i said. she hugged my neck, and sniffled. I rocked her. After a few miutes she was pulling my hair and laughing again. i set her down, and she went back to twrilling around the room.

Name: Danny
Gender: m
Age: 23
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Over all description: He's tall, about 6.5. He's muscular. He usually wears a black t-shirt, and a leather black jacket, with jeans, and a old pair of converse shoes.
Occupation: in the marines
God parent: Hermes
Mortal parent: unimpportant
Family: a little sister and a neice and a brother in law
Education: finishing up in college
Personality: he's quiet, and can be funny when you get him to open up
Talents: running
Residence: two bedroom condo
Flaws: smokes, and steals
Pets: none
Powers: tealports able to do it as many tmes as he wants, but the more he does the more severe the after affects (kinda like minato XD)
Life before Camp halfblood*: He lived with his mom untill he was three, before she sent him to an orphenage. After ten years without getting adpoted he got sick of living there. he ran away and spent three years on the streets before he got picked up by an old guy. he lived with him for a few years. The man died three years later and Danny was back to living on the streets. when he was 16 he came to camphalfblood.
RP example*: i groaned, 'the hell with this.' I thought to myself. i swung my bag over my shoulder as best I could. I walked over to my car. i opened the door and threw the bag in the front seat, before getting into the drivers seat. i acidently grazed my shoulder on the side of the car. i gasped, my hand going to my badly broken arm. It had been completely crushed by a rock or something. I didn't pay attention when my friend was telling me what happen. I drove away. Knowing after my arm as healed i'd be back in Afganistan again.

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