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Post by TinaQueenofNewBrokenScene on Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:57 pm

Alexa woke up and screamed. Her habit of gagging herself when she slept kept her from having very annoyed neighbors. Clover. She could see it all so clearly in her mind, Clover was looking back at her, smiling, sunlight making her hair glow and her eyes shine. And suddenly, that joy turned to shock as she slipped and fell, it seemed like slow motion. Her shirt got caught on some branches, as if the tree didn't want to lose a thing of such beauty. (Btw, just to be clear, Alexa never liked or had a crush on Clover. That is all.) Alexa had paused in shock, Why had I stopped, if I had just dived for her she still might be here. She sighed, tired of it all.

With a start she realized her alarm was still going. Alexa untied the rag around her mouth and spat out the bloody thing. She wearily turned off her alarm and proceeded to start her morning routine.


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