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Post by TinaQueenofNewBrokenScene on Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:17 pm

Sky opened her eyes to the stirring sight of an old, cracked, dusty ceiling. How does the ceiling even get dusty? She thought to herself as she got up from her creaky bed. She gazed at the room she called home. Paint was peeling off the walls, mold in every moist, dank nook and cranny, and cobwebs in all the rest. Skyler sighed, Why couldn't I have designed apartments instead of clothes? Oh well, it's better than a box on the street. She thought. Sky took a shower, wondering if the water made her dirtier instead of cleaner, and ate an exciting breakfast of cereal and milk. Nothing like a morning such as this to get you eager to start the day, Skyler thought sarcastically as she left her dingy apartment.


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