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Post by pach_peachz on Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:51 pm

Gender: f
Age: 21
Hair: black
Eyes: black, but they seem milky casue she's blind
Over all description: she's really skinny, almost anorexic looking-but she's not-. Wears mostly black and purple. Her hair is cut in layers up to her shoulders and has bangs.
God parent: Thanatos
Mortal parent: not important
Family: none but she considers her friends family.
Education: she's in college
Personality: sweet for the most part, but deadly when angered
Talents: playing piano
Residence: she's leena's roomate
Flaws: she's blind, big ego
Pets: seeing eye dog, named jello, cause it loves eatting jello for some reason....
Powers: can rasie skelatons four times a day, and sometimes she can talk to ghosts....but thats not really a power
Life before Camp halfblood*: She was really shy. She lived in a orhanage and was the only blind one there. While the adults had been nioce she was always being made fun of by her classmates. She eventually ran away and found herself at CHB. She fell in love. Made some good friends. Rest is history XD
RP example*:.... im owner of the site I REFUSE TO WRITE AN RP EXAMPLE!!!!!!!

Aria/21/daughter of Demios/Eean and Danny's sister/Devon's mom
Devon/2/Aria's daughter
Danny/24/son of Hermes/Eean and Aria's Brother/has one kid
Gale/7/Danny's son
Rachel/23/daughter of Apollo/has two kids(Sammi, Gracie)
Averymae/23/daughter of Hestia
Leena/19/daughter of Hermes
Maya/22/daughter of Thanatos/blind/has a dog named Jello
Eean/26/son of Hermes/Danny and Aria's brother

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Re: MAYA!!!!!!!

Post by Branson on Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:06 pm

Approved! ^^


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