New Characters!!

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New Characters!!

Post by TinaQueenofNewBrokenScene on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:46 pm

Name: Skyler Knightley
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair: Long, straight, dyed white hair
Eyes: Blue
Over all description: She's tall with long legs, and fit, but not buff. She always wears old, faded T-shirts and black ripped jeans. Her face has soft, curvy features and she has smooth, pale skin.
Occupation: Fashion Designer
God parent: Nemisis
Mortal parent: James Knightley
Family: She's an only child
Education: High school diploma
Personality: Sky is usually reserved, but opens up to her close friends. It's not like she's shy and never talks, she just doesn't talk about her personal life.
Talents: She's fast and agile, and has some skill with daggers.
Residence: Appartment
Flaws: She's scared of the ocean and heights
Pets: None
Powers: When she sees someone harm someone else in any way, she can inflict the same amount of pain to the first person. She has to feel the pain, though, for a couple seconds, and then sort of "send it" to that person. She can do it as many times as she wants, but obviously she can only withstand so much pain.
Life before Camp halfblood*: She used to live on the streets and steal for a living.
RP example*: Hey, my name is Sky. I am 19 years old and a daughter of Nemisis. She's the goddess of pay-back, so her job is to make sure everyone gets what's coming to them. So, if you ever feel like maybe it would be a little fun to try and mess with me, you'd better watch your backs.


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Re: New Characters!!

Post by pach_peachz on Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:51 pm

Ahhh ok, rp example is like writing the actions that happen in a book. But you'll pick up on it after a while 

Aria/21/daughter of Demios/Eean and Danny's sister/Devon's mom
Devon/2/Aria's daughter
Danny/24/son of Hermes/Eean and Aria's Brother/has one kid
Gale/7/Danny's son
Rachel/23/daughter of Apollo/has two kids(Sammi, Gracie)
Averymae/23/daughter of Hestia
Leena/19/daughter of Hermes
Maya/22/daughter of Thanatos/blind/has a dog named Jello
Eean/26/son of Hermes/Danny and Aria's brother

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