Jennifer's charrie form!

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Jennifer's charrie form!

Post by Branson on Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:03 pm

Name: Jennifer Shimmer
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hair: Black with bleached highlights and streaks of brown
Eyes: Crystal blue
Over all description: She's short and skinny. She's very pale and her nails are always painted a neon color and she normally has thick, black eyeliner
Occupation: She's a nurse
God parent: Aphrodite
Mortal parent: Daniel Shimmer
Family: She has a brother named Nikki, a 9 year old daughter named Emma, and a 6 month old baby boy named Cody
Education: She went to nursing school
Personality: She's very happy and energetic. After her past, she has learned to be very responsible, although she is almost never serious.
Talents: Taking care of others, and looking pretty
Residence: She lives in an apartment, a few doors down from Alexander Croferd
Flaws: She's a terrible cook, and she takes care of others, thus forgetting to take care of herself
Pets: She had a black cat named Vanessa
Powers: She can make two people fall in love with each other four times a day
Life before Camp halfblood*: She lived in Seattle until she became pregnant and the father left. She then lived with her parents, taking care of the baby. She watched over the baby and her brother Nikki when her parents weren't at home.
RP example*: Hiya! I'm Jennifer Shimmer at your service! I'll cook, clean...although, everyone hates my cooking. Maybe you could be the first to like it!

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Re: Jennifer's charrie form!

Post by pach_peachz on Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:44 pm


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